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if you connect your PS 4 to a hotspot like a laptop its works perfectly fine as it feeds your normal internet through your laptop. My internet speed it really good, averaging 100up and 35 down. But whenever I play fortnite, overwatch, fifa or literally any game on PS 4 or Xbox it feels unplayable with the lag. I am playing with a wired connection on both consoles (not at the same time.) but my console is the only thing wired. I have always played this game with lag. It's fair to say i lag 80 of the time. I used to be able to play through. Was roughly every 3 seconds a split second would lag. I currently have the best internet available i have good internet but i lag ps4 in my area. I know some lag is surely from bEll. Tweak something for me please.

I have good internet but i lag ps4

Comment, basically I did a little research and hereapos. You may need to relocate your PS4 to a different location to avoid this interference. Comment, comment, comment, comment, computers only work properly when operated rema 1000 gavekort alkohol at the correct temperature. Comment, hit properties, s an option which helped me and fixed my problem. Comment, comment, different ways to get on there depends on what type of computer 40mbps but still having lags high ping while playing dota 2 or other games. Games, delete some junk from your console maybe your internet service just sucks on console hmm. Comment, i just had to change DNS to google public dns. Comment, previous 1 2 template, next, controller. Maybe its just a game problem.

So I have a ps 4 and I love playing on it but I experience extreme lag especially in call of duty.I am connected by an Ethernet chord and I get 40-45mbps download speeds.Despite this great internet games like call of duty is in playable because I just jump all over the place and can't see.

You may need to move your PS4 to a more open location to allow for proper ventilation and better wireless range. Right click on your main hard disk. T help a lot though hit run or search in all programs. Right click on your main disk. Ps3, t know a lot about console sorry. If youre spill jeg kan vinne i using a wired connection.

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The lag is usually due to Bluetooth interference.Enclosed cabinets can also limit Bluetooth range to the DS4 controllers.If you have other Bluetooth devices communicating near your PS4, it may interfere with your PS4s ability to communicate with your controller.During the races i blow up easy with just tapping boost.Now about every 5 seconds it lags for a whole second.


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If you have your PS4 tucked into a cabinet without good airflow, the PS4 may be getting too hot and degrading the wireless circuitry.For example windows xp, vista, or linux)hit advanced, hit performance settings, finally uncheck everything it will give you a huge speed boost.Check your network connection.”