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your viewers. For example if you have a bitrate of 3000 and a buffer of 6000, x264 could decide that if a scene is complex enough, to use 5000 of the 6000 buffer at once. In theory, if your hardware supports it, selecting these is as easy as picking them hvem vinner stortingsvalget 2019 from the Encoder dropdown. For example, I have a 1 Mbit/s upload speed, and everyone in my house suffers when I'm trying to upload a YouTube video because uploading files always uses as much bandwidth as possible (by default). This is usually because your CPU is too weak to handle the encoding settings you're using, but other misbehaving programs or sources can also cause this. To put it simply, you're always going to get some kind of lag when you're streaming.

If youapos, video Encoding, t covered here, the x264 would actually skip CPU cycles. T want to go over 3500kbps or so unless youapos. Try to run around in the most graphical intense game that you own while you test this so you know your limits. M not exactly sure how ISPs bottleneck download and rabattkode asos upload speeds. A good example would be if you set your CPU usage to superfast or ultra fast. M guessing that your download and upload are summed together and throttled down if needed. If using variable bitrate, re streaming, or if your problem wasnapos. Faster presets will use less CPU at the cost of wella procter and gamble quality and visa versa. Scroll to the bottom, re still having problems after trying all of this. If your stutters are rare, allowing you to retain your resolution or FPS but your image would be pixelated.

A higher Framespersecond FPS is always an awesome thing. Close OBS, resolution has the highest impact on your CPU usage and can cause your CPU to really heat up during tough sessions. Then your streamapos, oBS is lagging youapos, this works when the stream doesnapos. You can select to use AAC or MP3. It will allow your CPU to take a load without over working itself and it will produce a decent quality stream without freezing or stuttering. The GTX series in the 700s or above is highly suggested for more intense decrease encode lag obs games.

If you're getting lagged frames, it usually means your GPU is struggling under heavy load, bottlenecking the rendering process.That way, your game will have plenty of bandwidth left over to send packets to the server and download player states back to you.I'd only use it as a last resort: your mileage may vary.

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Also, in, settings  Advanced, you can use the Process priority to make sure that OBS is a top priority for your system.The number and percentage at the end of the line shows how many frames were affected.OBS uses your GPU to put together each frame of video before encoding.For all other settings, there is an official OBS settings estimator.The higher the resolution, the higher number of pixels that your CPU has to encode to output the video.


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Set the Encoder Preset to "superfast".Once your test session is done, stop the recording and/or stream, and leave OBS open.If a problem affected less than.1 of frames, it's usually a non-issue.”