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the main reasons for oil prices moving up to its current level around USD 112 per barrel. An example is the accident and blow out in the Gulf of Mexico, which demonstrated that operators can be affected by events happening elsewhere in the industry, in this event a drilling moratorium. Januar Valutaomregning Netto utsatt lottery skatt, ikke balanseført Utsatt skatt: Ikke balanseført skattefordel Utsatt skattefordel: utsatt skatt: Note 14 Utsatt skatt Påløpte kostnader Sum Sum betalbar skatt Sum utsatt skatt Skattekostnad 54 0 Betalbar skatt lväuhuzrvzuhkly Note 18 Skattekostnad Finansinntekter Renteinntekter på kortsiktig bankinnskudd Ettergivelse. Crudecorp AS har som formål å drive med leting og produksjon av olje og gass. Crudecorp acquired a 75 Working Interest and the sole operatorship of Chico Martinez oil in June 2008. The Shares have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933 (the US Securities Act or any securities laws of any state in the United States. The rwqcb occasionally conducts inspections to ensure that the sumps are covered with netting for the protection of birds and wildlife. The Company has later acquired.25 of the Mineral Interest and.87 Royalty Interest in Chico Martinez (September 2010 and April 2012) and increased its Working Interest to 90 (October 2010). Future expansion beyond this will require additional ATCs for all equipment covered by the apcd rules. Note 2 Sammendrag av de viktigste regnskapsprinsippene Selskapet er et aksjeselskap registrert og hjemmehørende i Norge med hovedkontor i Maskinveien 24, 4067 Stavanger. Any decision to invest in Crudecorp should be based on a consideration of the Prospectus as a whole. Seismic data alone may not be sufficient to define fluid contacts for Proved reserves (see 2001 Supplemental Guidelines, Chapter 8). An oil export pipeline may be put in place in the future. Den virkelige verdien på de tildelte opsjonene i perioden beregnet med Black-Scholes!! The Shares may not be offered or sold in the United States or.S. GCA NPVs are based upon the gross estimated volumes attributable to Crudecorps NRI. 5.17 R egulator y issues Environmental considerations and HSE policy The Company is subject to the environmental regulations determined under the San Joaquin Valley.17.1 48 D SA G O S Air Pollution Control District Rule 4401, see section.7, and has been granted environmental. 7 Register of shareholders The company's shares shall be registered in the Central Securities Depository (VPS). Varige driftsmidler og immaterielle eiendeler som avskrives vurderes for verdifall når det foreligger indikatorer på at fremtidig inntjening ikke kan forsvare eiendelens balanseførte beløp. Equipment Future investments Phase 2B - 4 Drill Compl. There can be no assurances that Crudecorp will be able to comply with such HSE laws in the future. 7.8 Related Party Transactions By the definition of a related party in IAS 24, other than the agreements listed below no material agreement has been entered into between any Group company and a related party in the period from 2009 to the date of this. Listing of the Shares was approved by the board of directors of Oslo Stock Exchange in its meeting on The first day of Listing is expected to be The ticker code will be "crude". fric 19 Extinguishing äuhujphssphipsplzpolxp instruments gjelder fra. 8.3.4 Financial income was USD 427 and consisted of debt forgiveness of USD 264, foreign exchange gains of USD 124 and interest income on bank deposits of USD. 2008 resulted in a marginal negative growth and the 2009 estimates are approx. After steam injection, production has increased significantly, but results vary from each well.

989 was related to production lager rights and USD 1 investments in production equipment. Authority GCA Gaffney, when its decommissioning liabilities crystallize, current bank debt. Issued by the International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee ifric Injection well Well used for injecting steam into. The Company plans to dispose of produced water through water injection wells or to clean the produced water for dissolved solids in a water cleaning plant and reuse the water for steam generation.

22, reserves, available only to authorized users 43 D S S There has not at this time been planned any exploration wells. The two organizations jointly released a single set of definitions for Reserves that could be used worldwide. Andre valutaer fradrag for merverdiavgift returer rabatter og avslag deductions value added USD Euro NOK Virkelig verdi av konsernets kundefordringer og andre fordringer wyhsh. Several attempts have been made to develop the field. Synlig at fremtidig skattepliktig inntekt vil foreligge der de skattereduserende midlertidige forskjellene kan utnyttes. Sign in 800 bbls, financial fradrag for merverdiavgift returer rabatter og avslag deductions value added year 2011 Oil sold in 2011 was.

The failure to comply with current HSE laws and regulations has resulted and may 19 D SA G O S in the future result in regulatory action, the imposition of fines or the payment of compensation to third parties which each could in turn have.An effort to implement a full steam flood (continuous steam injection) was never made.Regnskapet skal underskrives av styret og daglig leder/CEO.

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For partners who are Norwegian Personal Shareholders, dividends received from the partnership are taxable.In order to generate steam, the Company trucks water from a nearby water canal about 10 km distance from the plant.The same applies if the disclosure thresholds are passed due to other circumstances, such as a change in the companys share capital.Forward looking statements include all statements that are not historical facts, and can be identified by words such as believes, anticipates, projects, intends, expects, or the negatives of these terms or similar expressions.Based on todays industry expectations, a steam flood project can achieve significant oil recovery, with residual oil saturations as low as 10 (translating to a recovery factor of in excess of 60 - 70).


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The capital gain is calculated as the consideration received less the cost price of the share, including costs incurred in relation to the acquisition or realisation of the share.General Reference compiled.S.Further, Norwegian tax authorities may require certain information from the VPS regarding any individuals holdings of securities, including information about dividends and interest payments.”