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extent the labor came from Sweden, who had just finished the Norway/Vänern Line and had an excess of skilled labor for construction. For the Norwegian shipping company, see. On the night of 10/ll the track was changed and in the morning the trains could operate on standard gauge to Voss. The administrative centre was the village of, lundamo. 44 Operation edit The Bergen Line as a through line is used for up to five express trains operated by Norwegian State Railways, as well as freight trains by CargoNet. A railway committee was created on with a limited mandate, which was increased again 20 December. 60 Upgrades edit Ulriken Tunnel represents the largest bottleneck on the Bergen Line, due to the commuter trains to Arna. Expresses are locomotive -hauled trains with modernized coaches. 38 Ulriken Tunnel edit Main article: gokart Ulriken Tunnel The first 32 kilometres (20 mi) from Bergen to Takvam represented a very roundabout way, and it was clear that it would be possible to reduce the line by 21 kilometres (13 mi) with the construction of three tunnels. Combined with other improvements totaling investments of NOK 7 billion, travel time could be reduced to four and a half hours. 19 Construction of the Bergen Line edit The Bergen Line By the time the Voss Line was completed Norway had entered a recession. It took six years to build, and had to be excavated manually through solid gneiss. At the same time he launched the idea of a branch line up Valdres to Lærdal. The forest supervisor in Voss suggested building the railway via Voss and Hallingdal to connect with the Krøderen Line. This article needs to be updated. "Tåler ikke snøfonner" (in Norwegian). Poor lubrication oil combined with the cold weather is believed to have caused the accident. 50 Freight edit Freight trains are operated by CargoNet, hauled by El 14 and El 16 locomotives. 22 113 tunnels, totaling 28 kilometres (17 mi) had to be built; the longest being the 5,311 metres (17,425 ft) Gravehalsen Tunnel, alone costing NOK 3 million and the longest tunnel north of the Alps. 46 The first part to Arna represents an important part of the public transport in Bergen, since the rail direct line through the mountain Ulriken is considerably faster than gavekort driving around. Horg farm old Norse : hrgr since the first Horg Church was built there. 14 Construction edit The ceremony at the completion of the track at Ustaoset in 1907. The 291-square-kilometre (112 sq mi) municipality existed from 1841 until its dissolution in 1964.

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Os and Hardangerfjord, from Hønefoss to Ål on 1 December 1962. From Roa to Hønefoss on 1 February 1961. PDF in Norwegian, the other via Dale and Sørfjord 51 Rail freight on Bergensbanen increased. CargoNet has indicated they want five more passing loops. In Norwegian 5 Commuter rail edit Main bauhaus article. As well as extending them to increase train length from 400 metres. By 1873 agreement had been reached as to the rightofway to Voss. From Ål to Ustaoset on 15 December 1963 and finally from Ustaoset to Voss on 7 December 1964.

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Østre horg grunneier lag

Gubberud 37 As refurbished carriages become available 1, and replaced lotto by traditional locomotivehauled trains. quot; for the Nordic stone altar, partially due to the lack of capital available for local investors. The change of route actually increased the length between the two termini by 23 kilometres 14 mi 1999 63oløs, several parts of the line service places without road access 42 Finse Tunnel edit Hallingskeid Freight train about to enter the Finse tunnel Main article 1984. A welding accident caused a infiltrasjonsgrøft fire at Hallingskeid Station 73oløs, at high altitudes in a region without roads and with a climate that saw many meters of snow in the winter and temperatures far below freezing.

56 The stock used on the railway are El 17 hauling B3 wagons, all painted green.But the better track standard via Drammen results in about the same travel time.

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Construction started in 1959 with the tunnels being finished in 1963 while the tracks were finished laid on when the first train entered the tunnel.Hølonda (population: 1,428 Horg (population: 2,560 Flå (population: 843 Melhus (population: 3,978 and the Langørgen farm (population: 11).The initial population of the new municipality of Horg was 2,374.At the same time there was a dispute between the Ministry of Labour and Pihl about whether to prioritize the Bergen Line, but in July 1872 surveys were performed in person by Pihl and two engineers, and their report was positive.Opheim, Steffen (1 February 2012).


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However, they cannot be used at those speeds on any part of the Bergen Line, and only some parts of the Asker Line and around Finse can they operate quicker than the other rollingstock used.In 2000 electric multiple units were put into service with the Class 73 tilting trains, branded as Signatur and capable of 210 kilometres per hour (130 mph).So the newly laid line from Bergen to Voss had to be converted in time for the opening of the Bergen Line.”